Having developed tried and true methods to help you capture your idea and turn it into a business. Liza is a credible and reliable connection for you to attain confidence in your ability to lead your company into a lucrative future.



Seeking help to advance your business from idea into a reality?
With proven success within the vast and varied world of fashion & lifestyle, Liza’s 25+ years of knowledge and experience has propelled her clients forward. Creating viable opportunities from manufacturing alternatives to creative brainstorming to sales & marketing, Liza can be counted on to find the right options and solutions for you. Now offering an hourly rate for consulting which allows both of you to intently focus on that stubborn step that is holding you back. Having personally experienced the thrill of watching an idea grow into a successful and thriving business (several times over), she wants to help you garner the confidence to know that your idea can be turned into a reality.

Cost: $350 per hour



Ready to take your idea full-throttle?
Liza offers her expansive skill sets, on a monthly basis, to help push your business forward. Advising you on different options to put your idea into full realization and guiding you to avoid costly mistakes. From developing your idea more definitively to defining your product line to managing your line production Liza is there to skillfully support you as you maneuver your plan into action. Liza puts her large network of domestic and global sourcing to work to benefit you and your path to success. Liza creates an environment of accomplishment and effectiveness, thus allowing you to forge ahead with the self assuredness to grow and develop your business. Building several multi-million dollar businesses herself, and helping create prosperous businesses for many others, makes Liza a trusted source on multiple levels in the world of fashion & lifestyle.